6 Free Online Loans: and No Income, Fast and Easy

In order to get credit, banks and most financial companies require an employment contract, but there are now many options for easy and fast online credits without a contract, without proof of income, with only an ID card and approval in minutes, and you do not get off the computer.

Not just a loan to a salary but also a loan on a larger amount can be paid without a labor contract. The application process is entirely on-line through the company’s website for urgent and fast online credits.

1. Micro credit – CrediHome

  • Online credit, you claim at any time of the day, without a contract requirement, a loan without proof of income.
  • An amount of 200 to 3000 BGN , repayment term from 9 to 48 weeks or from 3 to 12 months.
  • Loan for Bulgarian citizens aged 18 and up only against identity card.
  • No collateral is required, no guarantors are sought.
  • The application is free of charge; in case of early repayment you do not owe any penalties and future interest.
  • Interest is fixed. It depends on the amount and the repayment term.
  • You get the money in cash.
  • Professional service from a personal credit consultant.
  • Contribution credit – repayment installments are equal.
  • A Certificate of Credit Liability is issued.


  • Online credits without a contract and fast loans up to 4000 leva .
  • Your request is handled instantly and your money is up to you by bank transfer or EasyPay.
  • Unlimited loans – loans for unemployed , people on maternity leave, retirees or self-employed do not have to declare income.
  • Loan from 50 to 1000 BGN for 45 days and Loan in installments from 400 to 4 000 BGN for a period of up to 12 months.
  • Conditions for allocation: Bulgarian citizens aged 18 to 70.
  • Loans without collateral.
  • Two major warranty options: If you can not offer a guarantor, you get a guarantee from the Feratum Bank.
  • Flexible repayment, tailored to financial capabilities – with the electronic calculator, you calculate exactly the contributions you owe.

3. Vivus

  • Online credit – you do not attend an office without requiring a contract.
  • Amount BGN 50 to 1300, repayment term up to 30 days.
  • Urgent online credits – approval within 15 minutes.
  • No guarantors and guarantors are required.
  • Borrowing conditions: Bulgarian citizens older than 19 years, provide all necessary information and cover minimum credit requirements.
  • Every first loan without interest , BGN 0 fee up to BGN 400, returned for 30 days.
  • There are no hidden charges. There are no application, award and management fees.
  • You can extend the repayment period, you can withdraw extra money, you can get a loan even if you already have one to another company.
  • Working time – 7 days a week, on public holidays and on weekends.
  • www.vivus.bg

4. Free Loan

  • Online credit on the same day without a contract.
  • Up to 700 leva, repayment up to 45 days.
  • money on loan without proving income.
  • For all Bulgarian citizens: unemployed, retired, on maternity leave, self-employed.
  • Loan without collateral.
  • No application fees, your application is approved immediately.
  • You get the money directly on a bank account or at the Isi Pei Cashier.

5. Max Credit – Max Plan

  • Online credit without a contract, loan for all aged 21 to 75 years.
  • Size from 150 to 3000 leva. Maximum amount for first application 700 BGN.
  • You do not need to submit income documents.
  • Apply only with an ID card.
  • No guarantors are required.
  • You get the money within hours of approval, bank transfer, or office.
  • No additional fees and commissions.
  • The repayment is through two-week contributions – a maximum of 22, in an office, at a convenient time and place for you, by bank transfer, Easypay, Epay. You get a document with each payment.

6. Kits

  • Easy and fast online credits without a contract.
  • Amount BGN 50 to BGN 1000, repayment term up to 12 months.
  • Conditions for allocation: Bulgarian citizens over 18 years old, with a bank account and correctly submitted the requested information.
  • Approval up to minutes – from 5 to 20.
  • Free application, online signing of the contract.
  • No hidden interest and charges, no extra costs for early repayment.
  • Credit collateral: credit with one guarantor – individual (needs to meet a number of requirements in terms of employment, credit history, insurance income, etc.), which you must submit within 3 days after signing the contract.
  • You can extend the term of the loan against a fee depending on the number of days, you can refinance the loan if you have repaid 75% of the loan and you are a correct payer.

Generally, the employment contract is concluded between the employer, who ensures the conditions, determines the nature and place of work, and the worker carries out the job. Still, many food seeks urgent online credits without a contract.

The employment contract is always remunerated, the employer pays the agreed monthly salary – a salary on a certain date.

The employment contract and the resulting income are the main source of life for most people.

They are allocated to cover the family’s irreversible costs and remain for repayment installments on loans.

The existence of a labor contract, especially when it is indefinite, is a kind of guarantee, security for the creditor that the loan will return.

It is important to note that contract workers are charged and paid contributions that provide support for the unemployed and disabled due to various social risks – long-term illness, occupational accidents, occupational disease, maternity, retirement age and other .

Imported insurance guarantees payment by the social security system, another is the question of its size.

Imported insurance guarantees payment by the social security system, another is the question of its size.

Credit risk for banks and financial corporations is significantly lower when the borrower has a contract and they are willing to lend at a more advantageous and favorable rate.

The employment contract guarantees income stability and sustainability. It is difficult to find credit without requiring a contract, banks do not grant such. As you have seen, there are a lot of suggestions for fast and urgent online credits without a contract, without proof of income and only with an ID card.