Month: June 2019

Paying off payday loans -Help from online payday loan consolidation companies

Get help from online payday loan consolidation companies

If you check here, you will find payday loan consolidation, the ideal solution for unifying your payday loans in one installment. This loan is a loan designed to meet the needs of those who are in the position of having to face various debts.

It may happen that you request several loans, or you make many purchases in installments or you have taken advantage of a mortgage. You are in the position of having to pay numerous monthly installments, even of considerable amounts. Thanks to the Harrison debt consolidation it is possible to unify the amounts of all the installments, regardless of the purposes and deadlines, in a new loan.

Harrison offers a wide range of solutions to satisfy the needs of the whole family and for small and large projects. With Harrison it is possible to request a tailor-made refinancing, choosing a fixed rate for the entire duration of the loan with a rounded amount that is easy to remember. If you have several loans and want a single installment – choosing us.

Choose to refinance

By recalculating the amortization plan, Harrison debt consolidation offers economic peace of mind. There are several advantages, starting from a single monthly deadline or a less heavy and more diluted installment over time.

Consolidation of Harrison Debts

The Gandalf refinancing loan for the consolidation of Harrison debts is the ideal solution to consolidate its loans in one lighter installment. With debt consolidation, it is possible to extinguish all the loans activated both at Harrison and at other banks or financial institutions and to activate a more conventional loan. It is possible to request an amount from € 3,000 to € 50,000 and repay it in fixed-rate installments for a loan period of 36 to 120 months.

Who can request debt consolidation with Harrison?

The Harrison debts refinancing can be requested by those who want to pay off one or more loans stipulated also with various financial companies by opening a new loan with Harrison bank with the aim of paying a single monthly payment. There is also the possibility of obtaining an additional amount of liquidity. Being a personal loan, it is necessary that those requesting Gandalf Compact use the money obtained only for personal interests. It is not possible to use the money provided for professional activities related to one’s work.

The repayment of the loan will take place on a monthly basis through the payment of the installments through the automatic debit on the applicant’s current account. To obtain the loan, the client must present the necessary income guarantees to the bank. Should Harrison bank consider them insufficient, it may be useful to request a guarantee from a guarantor.

What documents are required to request Harrison refinancing?

The documents required to request Gandalf Compact are:

  • Identity document valid
  • Fiscal Code
  • Residence permit if foreign citizen
  • Income documentation (pay slip, single model or pension slip)

Harrison refinancing installment calculation

An example: Harrison Gandalf Compact Loan

Referring to the advertising information form that can be downloaded from, we have simulated a request for a € 40,000 loan with a 7-year repayment period (84 months), for debt consolidation purposes.

Required Amount € 40,000
Duration 84 months
Monthly installment € 703.97
TAN 11.90%
APR 12.98%
Initial expenses € 400.00
Total amount due € 59.567,96

The amount indicated above is the sum of the interest of € 19,133.48, of the preliminary investigation costs of € 400.00, of the stamp duty on the contract of € 16.00, of sending the annual summary document of € 4, 48 (unit cost € 0.64) and stamp duty on periodic accounts of € 14.00 (unit cost € 2.00).